She cries...(inspired by "She smiles" from "The Elastic Chaddi chronicles")

It's 3:00PM, she opened her eyes, another day, another day without him.
Everytime she wakes up, she thinks about his smile, his grin...
She hates it when she thinks about him.
They havn't even met.
Sometimes she wonders how this stranger could make her knees go weak and her stomach churn.
She has seen his pictures on the internet, and they've had a few talks.
She turns on her laptop without even bothering to freshen up, it has become a daily routine for her. She automatically goes to his profile; another status message for "the girl".
She hates "the girl", she loathes "her" with every living cell in her body.
She hates it when he talks about "the girl" and puts up "her" pictures in his album.
Sometimes she wants to just scream out loud that she likes him, but he already has "the girl"...there's nothing she can do because he adores "her".
She sometimes wishes that she's the one that he's missing, not "the girl".
She changed her status message...
'Your gf's fat!!!'.
She knows it's cheap but she just can't help it.
Sometimes, internet crushes can make people go crazy, she's just another case...
She turns off the laptop and finally collapsed on the bed.
She checked her cellphone for any texts or missed calls from him...




She whimpers...

Then she suddenly realized...
He doesn't even HAVE her number...
She cries.


  1. zomg.

    ur blogpost is the story of my life..
    hehe and it was inspired from my blogpost how sweet!!!!!

    every word of what you wrote stands true for me.
    except for the last part,he has my no.


  2. Lmao... He doesnt hav mine tho..:(

  3. oh oh and btw are you talking about deeganto?

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. its funny tho.we both have a crush on the same guy.
    i dint know he had a gf tho.:'(

  6. Lol... dis is weird... n the "gf" part is made up.. :P


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