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An Unforgettable Movie-Watching Experience with "Pan's Labyrinth"

Although I'd heard of Guillermo del Toro before, I had never really paid attention to who he was and what kind of works he delivers. Watching "Pan's Labyrinth" burnt his name into my brain because I am never going to forget this beautiful yet harrowing piece of work. Symbolisms and technicalities aside, this movie is like a "reel" version of a dusty and heavy dark fairy tale book. (I am not a movie expert or an expert in symbolism – this post is just a personal opinion about the movie.)
While certain scenes like the one where the giant toad vomited its own stomach and the one where Captain Vidal stitched up his own mouth were very repulsive, they were still very intriguing. Although experts would continuously analyze these scenes and give their opinions about what each scene symbolizes, an average audience would only find them as another reason to "be in love with the movie". Understood that the director is trying to tell us much more, but fantasie…