Damn Underground!

Joseph and I went to watch Harry Potter. I got texts from a friend of mine tellin me that he's in the lounge bar under the movie hall we were in and he asked us to meet him. He told us to join them so we went eventhough we weren't planning to. The whole atmosphere of the lounge got us into a partying mood so we followed them to 'Underground'. I personally hate 'Underground' because the dancefloor is particularly small, but we still went since all of them were going there. The first thing I sensed when we entered was the 'smell of sin'...

We danced like hell, that's the way we party. A few Africans entered the club and they were watchin me and Joseph dance. They tried to hit on us and one of them even spanked Joseph's ass(I'm serious!). One of them handed me a napkin where he wrote his number(LMAO). I went over to the place where I'd kept my purse to check on my things. I looked for my phone but it wasn't there anymore. For a second, I thought I was mistaken and even checked the pockets of my hotpants, but I couldn't find it anywhere and I immediately checked if my cash was there, that also was gone... I felt so weird. I wanted to cry but I couldn't cry. I still faked a few tears and a tearful expression to create some drama(the drama-queen that I am). We went to the authorities and guess what? They shouted at me telling me that it was my fault!! I know it was my fault but at least they could've been a little bit kinder...


  1. I know that doesn't help but that's the first thing that came to my mind.

  2. DAmn. Those bastards. Whoever it is that took your phone and things. But next time you go, just don't carry anything except your phone. It just works better that way. :)

    And SMILE. Not a very huge deal.

  3. i think the africans stole your phone.damn.

  4. lmao... thanx ol.. it never got stolen in other clubs...dis club is badluck. d Africans wont hav been able do it. my purse was near da dj console n dey were near da bar... O_O hmmm n it wasn't close :P

  5. but, you could've smelt thieving too!
    or was the smell of alcohol too overpowering?

    yes, i can't sympathize.


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