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Mother India...(?)

What good is a mother who ignores the pain and cries of her children? What good is a mother who knowingly turns a blind eye towards the sufferings and discrimination experienced by those who seek comfort and shelter underneath her wings? Can she be called a mother? Is it safe to assume that she does not accept them as her own? Would it be wrong for her children to disown her and and say, “She is not my mother, for she has no love for us!”?
Now, answer me this, would it be wrong for the North-East Indian citizens to claim that their motherland has no love for them? Or that they would be better off without their “so-called” country? When incident after incident of hate crimes and racial discrimination has lined the history of this nation, we continue to live in fear that we may be the next victims. What with our looks and choices of dressing clearly distinguishing us from the rest of our “brothers” and “sisters”! But didn't we learn in school that India is a land with “vast cultura…