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Damn Underground!

Joseph and I went to watch Harry Potter. I got texts from a friend of mine tellin me that he's in the lounge bar under the movie hall we were in and he asked us to meet him. He told us to join them so we went eventhough we weren't planning to. The whole atmosphere of the lounge got us into a partying mood so we followed them to 'Underground'. I personally hate 'Underground' because the dancefloor is particularly small, but we still went since all of them were going there. The first thing I sensed when we entered was the 'smell of sin'... We danced like hell, that's the way we party. A few Africans entered the club and they were watchin me and Joseph dance. They tried to hit on us and one of them even spanked Joseph's ass(I'm serious!). One of them handed me a napkin where he wrote his number(LMAO). I went over to the place where I'd kept my purse to check on my things. I looked for my phone but it wasn't there anymore. For a second, …

Am I Indian??

I was walking past some school kids today...
And they started imitating these weird Karate yells(which weren't even close to the real yells)...
It got me thinking... "Am I really supposed to BE Indian??"
According to the Constitution of India, YES.
Because I was born in an Indian territory between Indian parents.
Sometimes I hate being an Indian because some "typical Indians" look at us differently and they treat us differently. There's a club in Kolkata which doesn't allow "north-east" people.
And I know that most of you havn't heard that India was/is the first country ever to bomb its own territory.
Yup, it bombed Mizoram(my native place) during the fifties.
Soldiers of the Indian Army destroyed houses, burnt up entire villages, beheaded and shot some rebels and raped the women....
Can u believe that???
I know I'm being 'stereotypical', but it's so easy to be a stereoype "chinky" in India.
Don't you think? "IF&quo…


She was ecstatic! She was on her way to the airport to meet him, he was coming to meet her.

The cold wind was stinging her cheeks, but she didn't mind, she was too thrilled.

After six months, they were finally going to meet for the first time, and she'll be able to touch him and get lost in his scent.

They're going to be together!

She smiled as she thinks about him singing Pink Floyd's "Wish you were here"... He sings it all the time on the phone. He loves Pink Floyd. Now she'll be able to see and hear him sing for real.

They've been kissing each other on the phone for too long, she wanted to kiss his sweet lips and hug him so tight when she meets him.

She felt as if her heart was going to leap out of her chest, the excitement was going to kill her.

She tried dialling his number to see if he'd arrived before her, but his phone was still switched off...

"Good", she thought, she had skipped supper and was now starting to feel hungry, "I can g…

She cries...(inspired by "She smiles" from "The Elastic Chaddi chronicles")

It's 3:00PM, she opened her eyes, another day, another day without him.
Everytime she wakes up, she thinks about his smile, his grin...
She hates it when she thinks about him.
They havn't even met.
Sometimes she wonders how this stranger could make her knees go weak and her stomach churn.
She has seen his pictures on the internet, and they've had a few talks.
She turns on her laptop without even bothering to freshen up, it has become a daily routine for her. She automatically goes to his profile; another status message for "the girl".
She hates "the girl", she loathes "her" with every living cell in her body.
She hates it when he talks about "the girl" and puts up "her" pictures in his album.
Sometimes she wants to just scream out loud that she likes him, but he already has "the girl"...there's nothing she can do because he adores "her".
She sometimes wishes that she's the one that he's missing, not &q…


Why is he so cute?
Why? Why? Why?
Everytime i see his face(on the net),
Everytime i see his grin(in his pics)...
Makes me wanna jump off a cliff or something.
I know it's weird.
I havn't felt like this in ages(literally).
I feel like such a loser :(