Am I Indian??

I was walking past some school kids today...
And they started imitating these weird Karate yells(which weren't even close to the real yells)...
It got me thinking... "Am I really supposed to BE Indian??"
According to the Constitution of India, YES.
Because I was born in an Indian territory between Indian parents.
Sometimes I hate being an Indian because some "typical Indians" look at us differently and they treat us differently. There's a club in Kolkata which doesn't allow "north-east" people.
And I know that most of you havn't heard that India was/is the first country ever to bomb its own territory.
Yup, it bombed Mizoram(my native place) during the fifties.
Soldiers of the Indian Army destroyed houses, burnt up entire villages, beheaded and shot some rebels and raped the women....
Can u believe that???
I know I'm being 'stereotypical', but it's so easy to be a stereoype "chinky" in India.
Don't you think? "IF" you put yourself in our shoes...


  1. *hugs*
    I know of many who find "chinky" people hot.

  2. Uh huh??? Really?? Name a few :P

  3. AW. Hang in there. Stupid people with tiny minds do things like that all the time. There are other people out there too,don't worry.

  4. Leane,You do not need to worry. Even I'm indian.Okay,half :| but I am the citizen of india. So I have my birth right to anything in this state.

    And leave it. Illiterate people often happens to do like that because they dont have social life! x)

  5. i just wrote the same thing in an essay i wrote "aren't we racist too"

    some people suck
    don't bother about them

    being chinki is bros GF is a chinki..i love her xD

  6. lol... sum ppl hav dis biased view on chinx usually... i wish i hav a bf whoz sis loves me. lmao

  7. Abso-fuckin-lutely true.. I live in chennai and My best friend is from tripura and some narrow minded guys hit on her thinking she is 'loose'.

    I personally find it irritating when people have these stereotypes about people from other places but luckily for the most part people dont have them.Dont let this kind of stuff get to you much..Every place has its black sheep !!

    Keep up the good writitng !

  8. Regarding the finding 'chinki' girls hot part...I personaly think they are some of the hottest babes on the planet (right after brazilians!). Their have some of the most unique personalities i have seen !

    In case you are wondering yes i have a pretty big(secret) crush on my best friend too !! ;)

  9. lmao thanx for d encourangement.. :)


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