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This is depressing :P

August 27th, 2019:
She stood there, waiting. It was a dull autumn afternoon and she had been waiting for over an hour. The park was unusually quiet except for an occasional chirp of critters and there were just a few people nearby-a plump old woman walking her dog, a young couple lying on a blanket and a few kids running around. She wanted to go back to her hotel room, call room service and sip on some iced tea but she chose not to.

But she waited, armed with a pink bejeweled pen and a diary. It had become a habit of hers to carry a pen and a notebook wherever she went. She opened her diary and scribbled some lines down and closed it again. She reached inside her over-sized Prada bag for her cell-phone and tried his number once again and got directed to voice mail.

She silently observed the people around her. The kids were trying to put a caterpillar in one of their friends’ hair and were happily giggling while the old woman was mumbling about her aching bones to her dog. Meanwhile, …

June 7, 2009 - Sunday The Virus (a little bit of free verse)

Current mood: confused
Category: Writing and Poetry Maybe its best to let go,
Maybe this wasn't meant to be...
I may be lost without you,
But i gotta find my own way..
Like a sparrow in the rain,
A sailor in a storm,
I gotta struggle 4 my own...
you've pulled me through
And helped me fight the pain,
But i gotta move on
Before I break you down.
I've been like a virus,
Killing you with every step i take.
I've been like a parasite,
Drainin you of your life...
Im sorry for all the pain i caused you,
Im sorry for wasting your time,
But i had a life when i was with you,
I just lost myself,
Im not heartless,
Im just confused...

May 17, 2009 - Sunday

You see i cant sleep at night,
Cant seem to face the light...
Im so ashamed of myself,
Ashamed that i lost the love you gave...
People keep on askin me,
But i cant tell em what its gonna be...
I lost your love, your trust...
Lost everything we've built up
Wit our own two hands...
Seems like im lost in a trance.
Seems like its all a bad dream,
Sometimes i just wanna scream!!!!
What we had is now lost in time,
Floating in space without a rhyme...
I've lost my mind you see,
Lost everything you gave to me...
You were my world, my love,
Now you've flown away little dove...
Its all my fault that we're dying,
I shouldn't have been lying...
Never knew that one act of betrayal,
Could put two lovers into trial...
But these tired eyes see only you,
My dying mind remembers only you...
You are like a drug to me,
But maybe we were never meant to be