Y'know you get that feeling sometimes, when you want something but you think that you dont stand a chance on getting it. This is one of those times that i feel absolutely hopeless about getting what i want.. :(
It's just so weird because for a loooong time I've always gotten what I want... But I feel so helpless right now. I want that thing(or person) so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do i do!!! But I'm not even >this< close to getting it. Help me please?? I havn't told anyone about this little obsession(strange for me because I've always kept my feelings in a glass box). It's like reaching for the stars!!! Well not exactly 'stars' but maybe like trying to make Johnny Depp fall for you, or trying to make Paris Hilton stop partying... Umm whatever, what's the use of even writing this stupid crap when I'm never getting it..(him)...???????????????????????????????????????


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