Alright...my hair is ruined!! I wanted to get a "Mary-Jane"ish red, so we(me n my cousin) bought hair-color and bleach and other stuff. I can't believe i did it! I can't believe it! My hair is totally f***ed up. I wish I could die(dye XD)... The bleach didnt work properly and we couldn't get a blond color outta my hair. We still got on to coloring it eventhough the bleach was only effective on some parts and my hair was already striped and had uneven blond patches on the top. After the coloring was done, my cousin started laughin and i rushed to the mirror.... Lo and behold! There stood a half-breed "Red Sonja"!!!!!!!!!!!! I can never see the light of day again unless I dye it raven black :(( KILL ME!


  1. hehe its back 2 black now.. :) if u saw da previous one ud file for divorce XD

  2. shut up. i told u ud laugh. :| neways its raven black now :)

  3. lolzz... i cant believe u post this pic..hahhahaha

  4. shut up... i'll post wat i wanna post... its my blog


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