Little Lorelai

Little Lorelai was bored to tears. Mummy and daddy were out and she was left alone with Aunt Isla, whom she detested with all her might. Aunt Isla was unbearable. She never let Lorelai go outside on her own. And she never let her watch the T.V. even after all the chores were done. “Children should not watch T.V. or it’ll melt their brains,” she would screech with her squeaky voice that resembled a rat caught in a trap.

Lorelai hated being alone with Aunt Isla. She hated mummy and daddy for leaving her all alone with the miserable woman. She also hated that they were bringing home her new brother. She did not want a brother…nor did she want a sister. She wanted to be the only child in the family. Now with a new baby in the house, mummy and daddy and all her aunts and uncles will no longer pay any attention to her. And all this thought of losing her parents’ attention made her head hurt and her lips curled into a frown.

A few hours had passed since mummy and daddy left for the children’s home, where she used to live. Aunt Isla had fallen asleep on the armchair. Her bulbous nose let out a loud whirring noise with every breath she took. This annoyed Lorelai terribly. She had been looking out the living room window from where she could see other kids playing with a bright red ball. 

As she watched, she daydreamed of playing with them and bouncing the bright red ball with her new friends. But all the racket Aunt Isla’s ugly nose was making had woken her out of this daydream.

She went over to the armchair where Aunt Isla was slumbering like a gigantic hog. She tried to shake and shake the sleeping figure for a few seconds, hoping the movement will wake her up. But when that didn’t work, Lorelai tried to pinch the nose from where all the sound was coming...still nothing. The sound just seemed to get transferred to Aunt Isla’s gaping toad-like mouth, which was covered in greasy red lipstick.

Little Lorelai stepped back sighing. How will she wake up this big oaf now? Why would mummy and daddy leave her all alone with Aunt Isla of all people? Why would they need a new baby when they already have her? She started feeling something burning inside her. She felt it pressing against her tiny chest. The burning feeling became stronger and stronger and that’s when she saw red. The next moment, Aunt Isla woke up with a scream.

The world was becoming dark. Lorelai’s eyelids were getting heavier. She couldn’t hear anything except for a high-pitched ringing noise at the back of her head. She felt Aunt Isla’s fat grubby fingers around her throat. As the grip tightened, Lorelai found herself struggling to breathe. And she could barely keep her eyes open. She saw the woman’s bulging red eyes.

Although Lorelai couldn’t hear anything, she could tell that Aunt Isla was screaming something and gritting her dirty brown teeth. She looked angry. Spit was foaming around her distorted mouth, smudging her red lipstick, making it even uglier. It was pitch black now and Lorelai felt her body loosening.  

To be continued...


  1. Ooooooo Jakie really....i wanna kno what happens be waiting...loved it


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