Affordable Fashion!

The world of fashion has introduced women to outrageously expensive clothing and has left some of us with very limited options. We want to be wealthy enough to afford those glamorous gowns, stylish dresses, fabulous bags, and amazing shoes. However, when your income doesn't match your taste of fashion, you have to do your best with whatever you have. There are times when I lose the will to dress nicely because I don't have any new stuff, but when I do decide to dress up I try to make myself look as stylish as possible. Despite this, most of my clothes and shoes are not more expensive than Rs.1,500. That's all thanks to thrift shops, discount seasons, and shopping websites that offer affordable items.

In this photo (taken in November 2012), I have put together a cream-colored, layered lace dress and a pink one-button coat, both of which I got from thrift shops in Aizawl, Mizoram. A pair of coral ballerinas from and a brown, faux leather bag complete the look. I decided to go minimal on accessories because the bag has a "steam-punk" style embellishment in gold, which adds all the "bling" I need.


  1. Ah finally, Jerusha's sister is back to the blogging world :) Welcome back :)

    I'm not much into fashion, but I'm a huge fan of steam-punk, and I don't see much steam-punkiness about your bag :D :)

  2. ...because you can't see the embellishment I was talking about!

  3. I should put up a picture of the bag avoid further confusion.


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