She looked at the plastic container that she'd kept on top of her bedside table. She was sick of the pills hiding inside the tiny, translucent yellow jar. All because they made her sleep. And whenever she falls off to sleep, she gets those dreadful nightmares. In some of those dreams, she would see things so other-worldly that sometimes she'd forget to breathe, and then wake up breathless, sweating profusely. Her bed would be drenched in sweat and she would be unable to sleep for days after she gets one of those nightmares.

She'd been having these dreams on and off since she was a kid.

She finally managed to convince herself to pop one of those pills again because she hadn't slept in four days and she looked like hell. Sid will be back in a few days and if he sees her like this, there will be a long lecture on how she has to take good care of her health and how much sleep she should be getting. But Sid doesn't really know how terrifying it was for her to sleep. He hadn't dreamed her dreams.

She pulled the covers up to her neck and began to close her eyes...

There were a few people walking about in the park; some with their pets and some with their lovers, watching the ducks and fishes in the lake. She was sitting on the bench by the lake. She had been waiting for a long time and was feeling restless. It was a slightly warm evening, there was a cool breeze blowing and dried leaves dancing about in the breeze. 

She found herself reaching for her purse where she kept the note, written in calligraphy. She read it over and over. And when she finally looked up, the people were gone, the breeze had stopped blowing, the air was calm and still. She looked up at the sky and saw the clouds rolling in... She felt her heart pounding really hard and fast against her chest, it seemed as if it was going to pound through her flesh. 

She felt a sudden fear gripping her as her head turned involuntarily towards the water in the lake; the ducks and fishes were gone but she saw something floating... A body! She panicked and let out a scream but there was no sound coming out of her mouth, she tried to get up and call for help but she was unable to move from the bench... Something was pulling her back. 

Then she heard someone calling her name from a distance. The whole scene started cracking and crumbling and falling apart...

"Lee! Lee!", someone called. Everything turned dark, her eyes were shut tight. Then she heard the voice again,"Lee! Iliana!". She opened her eyes and saw the concerned face of her best friend, Jenna. She looked around, it was sunny outside and she felt the sweat slowly dripping on her forehead and her hair sticking to her face. Her clothes were drenched in sweat yet she found herself shivering.

"Oh Lee! You got me so worried!" Jenna hugged her. Iliana burst into tears.


  1. You really have good writing skill. Your vivid description is easy to visualize for a reader. Waiting for the next chapter :)

  2. Kheems, ka nau anih hi, did you know? A thiam tiraw? :)

  3. when is the next part coming? :S

  4. Jeru, I knew it only after you told me. hehe... a u a chhun ngei a nih hi, a thiam hle mai.

  5. Cool... u guys make an inspiration for me. Ill try to open up new web and start doing the same as u did always.


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