Back from HIATUS!!

It's been such a long time since I've written a new post on my blog.
I have been overwhelmed(in a bad way)with so many things to do... Working is too hectic.
I wish sometimes that I didn't have to work. I wish sometimes that I had my own clothing boutique which will also have some books as well and a specialized tailor for some girls to get their clothes fitted if in case they need to... And the best part, I can be my own boss!
Sigh! No way in hell I can start that right now with the kind of work I am doing at present. And they have blocked access to Facebook, Youtube, Yahoo and all the rest of the most popular websites(cost cutting. It seems that my company spends millions every year on the band-with used for Youtube). Which makes work a lot more stressful and depressing. Luckily for me, Google is not blocked and so is Twitter. So today, when I finished my work early, I had the chance to read some of my old posts. They were hilarious as they reminded me of a more childish and immature 'me'. I miss my college days when I had more time to write and also more time to read other blogs. I guess this is one of the sad things about growing up. You have responsibilities to fulfill and expectations to live up to. You have to start working towards that... But I really do wish that someday I get a book published, that I start my own business in the line of either fashion or literature(I can't think right now of how that will be possible but it's a dream), that I get to buy a Harley Davidson for my dad and get married to the man I love... Such high hopes for myself :)


  1. all in good time my love! :)
    how will njoi being your own boss, if you dont realize how much life can suck under a different boss! :P

    wish u wud write more! :)

  2. :) Wish I had the time to write more.
    And yeah, i have already realized how much it sucks to be under some other boss(es).... :P

  3. We just love your blog, so if you check out our blog, you'll see we put you on the list for an award. Please let us know 7 things about you! :D



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