June 7, 2009 - Sunday The Virus (a little bit of free verse)

Current mood: confused
Category: Writing and Poetry
Maybe its best to let go,
Maybe this wasn't meant to be...
I may be lost without you,
But i gotta find my own way..
Like a sparrow in the rain,
A sailor in a storm,
I gotta struggle 4 my own...
you've pulled me through
And helped me fight the pain,
But i gotta move on
Before I break you down.
I've been like a virus,
Killing you with every step i take.
I've been like a parasite,
Drainin you of your life...
Im sorry for all the pain i caused you,
Im sorry for wasting your time,
But i had a life when i was with you,
I just lost myself,
Im not heartless,
Im just confused...


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