Diary of a High School Nerd

Alright since I'm home, I decided to clear up my old stuff...
I went through my old trunk and guess what I found?
10 diaries!!!
I had nothing better to do so I tried reading them.
The first one horrified me! I was such a nerd back in school.
Arrgh! And everone(almost) took advantage of my naiveity and made fun of me...
Why am I so dumb? Just because I scored full marks in mathematics doesn't mean I'm smart..
I just realized.
I had the 'hugest' crush on the cutest guy in class and (though I didn't realize it at that time)everyone was laughing at me behind my back.
It's funny that 'cool girls' should pick on 'nerds' to boost their ego. It sucks.
It still affects me emotionally and I think this is why I'm so emotional O_O
Or was I just born emotional???
In all my 20 years of existence, I don't remember a time when I didn't get attracted to the opposite sex.
How unforunate!
It's a catastrophe. Really. Because the only time that I get the same attention from them is when I dance, or when they need help with their home-work or with their 'crushes'.
How 'uncool' is that?
Another thing is that I was usually a teacher's pet. I found my old greeting cards and found one sent by my hostel warden. How weird is that? I mean she didn't send it to all the boarders for sure. Almost every teacher found me to be obedient and smart and responsible.
It wasn't my choice to be the Asst. Class Representative in some of my classes, I don't a have leadership quality. I didn't want to be the Asst. Secretary in the Evangelical Union and I didn't want to be the announcer for that little church programme in Doordarshan.
Why was I treated like this?
Because I was(maybe still am) a push-over. A nerd.
End of story.


  1. I was Class Representative for three years too.
    Nerds Rule, yah we do!

  2. lmao... i guess it was what made my high-school life memorable

  3. Nerd is the new sexy, don't beat ur self up cause of that stay positive luv


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